WiFi-SM brings your humanity back to daylight
You have the impression that the disasters of the world do not touch you anymore? You feel vaguely sorry for other people's misfortunes but you don't feel the inner urge which used to make you help your neighbour ? WiFi-SM is the solution !

What is WiFi-SM ?

WiFi-SM is an Internet connected wireless device that you can fix on any part of your body. It automatically detects the information from approximately 4,500 news sources worldwide updated continuously and analyses them looking for specific keywords such as death, kill, murder, torture, rape, war, virus etc.. Each time the text of the news contains one of these keywords, your WiFi-SM device is activated through the Wi-Fi network and provides you with an electric impulse. This impulse is calibrated so that you can feel a certain amount of pain, but is completely safe.

Lower your guilt complex !
Thanks to its new P2P technology (Pain-to-Pain), WiFi-SM allows you to set the level of pain (within certain limits ) or personalize your list of keywords. WiFi-SM fits any part of your body and is very discrete. You can bring it with you anywhere you want, at work, while jogging, you can even sleep with it. After a few weeks of WiFi-SM, you will definitely become again the human being you once were . Get rid of your guilt feelings and you will be more helpful to others.

Feel the pain from 95% of the news sources and spectacle providers worldwide  
Mary, sales operator

I've been using WiFi-SM for one month and it's amazing ! When somebody suffers on earth, not only I know it, but I can also feel a little bit of his/her pain. I don't feel guilty anymore and I can enjoy life without limitation. I love WiFi-SM ;-)
John, teacher

It's great! I have customized my own keywords. My favorite ones are: "taser", "lethal injection", "electric chair", "stun belt" and "strangulation".
Mark, C.E.O.

Fantastic! It doesn't matter anymore if 5 or 6 giant companies control practically all the information on earth. Now I can feel the global pain of the world and the important thing is its intensity, not diversity...
Jennifer, waitress

I can plug WiFi-SM on ANY part of my body and feel other people's pain. What did I learn ? Well the frontier between pain and pleasure is not very well defined... You should definitely try WiFi-SM.
Connecting people... to reality  



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