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> Mlle R. (Toulouse)
... Lorsque j'étais petite, j'avais deux oiseaux appelés inséparables. Je me souviens encore de mon émotion lorsque l'un des deux est mort. J'imaginais le chagrin de l'autre oiseau et cela décuplait ma peine...
>>> http://www.unbehagen.com/non-weddings

Le couple : quelle drôle d'invention ! Car tout ce que l'homme imagine comme étant le fondement de son existence, a un jour été inventé par lui ! Le couple, l'amour, l'humanité elle-même. http://www.unbehagen.com/non-weddings


> Vidarte 2002, Mexico City, Sept. 2002. Database Desire, curated by Rudolf Frieling (ZKM) : "Another net based project in search of our relationship towards images as a cultural code, more humourous, yet at the same time deeply philosophical, is Christophe Bruno's Non-weddings which makes use of the ubiquitous Google-apparatus as a search-engine. It employs this tool for a net-based dyptich that is based on the supposed dualism of two keywords that serve as a search tool. The play is, as the author states, on the linguistic set of signifier and signified, on a secondary level on the reading of this set by Jacques Lacan, and on a third level on the friction between language and a mere trace of an image that is only in some arbitrary way related to the search word. Deconstruction, here, is coined "non-wedding", i.e. the matching of things that do not belong together. The friction is the infinite source of "jouissance", as the French theorist says. We rejoice in the multiple shifts of meaning that occur between a preconceived notion of a term/image relation and the non-wedde results. We begin to wonder how a term can possibly be related to an image at all." (Rudolf Frieling)

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