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> Mr S. (Dresden)
... I have the impression that the disasters of the world do not touch me anymore. I feel vaguely sorry for other people's misfortunes but I don't feel the inner urge which used to make me help my neighbour... >>>
> Mrs T. (Sidney)
... The world seems to me so uniform and normalized. Is there a place where I could find something unexpected? ... >>>
> Mr A. (Moscow)
... My father got divorced and just had a child with his new wife. I have now a brother twenty five years younger than me. I can't stand this situation... >>>
> Mr G. (Paris)
... I feel very lonely. I have no friends, nobody to talk to. I stay in front of my computer all day long...>>>
> Mr R. (Washington)
... I am very shy and I have the feeling that nobody cares about what I say. When I meet other people, I wish I could read their minds. It would give me some self-confidence... >>>
> Miss R. (Toulouse)
... When I was young, I had two lovebirds. I still remember my emotion when one of them died. I imagined the sorrow of the other bird and that multiplied my despair ... >>>
> Mrs S. (New York)
... I will be fourty in two days. I'm afraid I have to start prevention medecine and I'm scared about having a mammography. I also think starting form friday, I should stop eating chocolate. But I will develop a chocolate lack syndroma. Help me ... >>>
> Mrs T. (Buenos Aires)
... My interior world is populated with beautiful, intelligent, charming people who think only of the love of their next; in my dreams, the weather is always nice. We love each other and the life runs like a crystal river in the middle of green hills. We pass our life to walk in the countryside and when we meet somebody, either we make love, or we have enthralling conversations about the end of the History. Our single objective is the satisfaction of the desires of our next ... >>>
> Mr B. (Honfleur)
... I often browse the web and I notice effects of pure and simple re-use of some artistic proposals made elsewhere... Is this bad? ... >>>
> Mrs J. (Hong-kong)
... Every morning I ask myself : what's happening to the world ? who's there? where am I going ? who am I ? and every night, I say to myself: " this is all you've done ! you're just a piece of shit ! " So I say to myself that I am nothing and that I have nothing to do. Fortunately, the cat is purring and brings the regularity of its purring to the darkness of the bedroom ... >>>
> Mr L. (Rabat)
... Pretty often, I wonder if my ideas are really mine, or if I allow myself to be too easily influenced by others. For instance, when I like something, haven't I been influenced by other people's taste? And when something disgusts me, isn't it a way to react like everybody? In the end I can find no absolute point of reference and I'm afraid of having no personality of my own... >>>
> Mrs D. (Paris)
... I often feel, when I happen to listen to conversations in the street, that they all more or less deal with the same topic, and yet I can't quite make out what they are about... >>>
> Mr R. (Denver)
... My couple is going to the dogs. My wife and I haven't been on the same wavelength for a long time now. I wanted so much our union to be the reflection of everlasting harmony... >>>
> Mrs Y. (Chambéry)
... I can't stand seeing my reflection in a mirror. I feel very complexed by my appearance... i wonder if other people see me the way I see myself: some sort of botched patchwork... >>>

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